What property and perils are excluded from most homeowner policies?

Here is a very partial list.   Most homeowner policies do not cover animals, birds, fish, automobiles and business property.  In addition, damage caused by flood, surface water, water which backs up through sewers or drains is not covered.    Also some acts of God or civil disturbance are not covered like earth movement, nuclear damage, war, etc. Most homeowner policies don’t cover the operation, ownership, use, etc., of any aircraft, automobile, recreational motor vehicle, or water craft.  Some damages caused by an intentional act of the insured are usually not covered. Also, there are specific limits of coverage on property insured under the homeowner’s policy such as money, securities, water craft, theft of jewelry, silverware, and/or guns.  This is just a sample of what may not be covered.   Get more information from your licensed agent and your policy documents.